You should use a prefix in your WordPress code

Why WordPress developers should follow this best practice of using a prefix in their code.

Improve site performance with WordPress Transients

Use WordPress built-in Transients tool to quickly improve site performance.

Restricting access to WordPress REST API

Learn how to restrict access to the WordPress REST API to improve the security of your WordPress site.

Preventing direct access to PHP files in a WordPress site

Implement this best practice of preventing direct access to PHP files to improve the security of your WordPress site.

Caching fetch requests with JavaScript

How to cache fetch requests using JavaScript to improve site performance.

Sanitizing array values in WordPress

Learn how to sanitize an array of email addresses in WordPress.

A simple way to improve the stability of your JavaScript code

Use the try-and-catch method (a JavaScript best practice) to handle errors efficiently.

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Converting px to rem with Sass

Use a Sass function to type values ​​in px and get the output in rem.