Creating shortcuts in Git Bash

Improve your productivity by creating command shortcuts in the terminal.

Converting jQuery object to vanilla JS

Learn how to convert a jQuery element to a vanilla JavaScript element.

A simple way to improve the stability of your JavaScript code

Use the try-and-catch method (a JavaScript best practice) to handle errors efficiently.

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Converting px to rem with Sass

Use a Sass function to type values ​​in px and get the output in rem.

Changing the default selection color with CSS

Learn how to change the text selection color using CSS.

Redirecting URLs from www to non-www (or vice versa) with Cloudflare

Learn how to redirect URLs from www to non-www (or vice versa) using Cloudflare.

How to remove prefixes from URLs on a Hugo site

Learn how to remove the prefixes of posts, categories, and tags from Hugo site URLs.

Creating a custom domain email address with Cloudflare Email Routing

Create a custom email address with your domain and automatically forward emails to your existing email account with Cloudflare.

How to deploy a Hugo site with Cloudflare Pages

The process of deploying a new Hugo site using Cloudflare Pages.

How to build a static site with Hugo

My complete guide on how to set up and create a static site using Hugo.