Preventing double form submission using JavaScript

Learn how to easily prevent the same form from being submitted multiple times by mistake.

Using CSS clamp for a responsive font size (fluid typography)

A simple method to create a responsive font size (also known as “fluid typography”) with just one line of code.

How to make Gutenberg embed blocks responsive

Learn how to enable the responsive feature of the embed blocks in WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

Creating shortcuts in Git Bash

Improve your productivity by creating command shortcuts in the terminal.

Converting jQuery object to vanilla JS

Learn how to convert a jQuery element to a vanilla JavaScript element.

A simple way to improve the stability of your JavaScript code

Use the try-and-catch method (a JavaScript best practice) to handle errors efficiently.

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Converting px to rem with Sass

Use a Sass function to type values ​​in px and get the output in rem.

Changing the default selection color with CSS

Learn how to change the text selection color using CSS.

Redirecting URLs from www to non-www (or vice versa) with Cloudflare

Learn how to redirect URLs from www to non-www (or vice versa) using Cloudflare.

How to remove prefixes from URLs on a Hugo site

Learn how to remove the prefixes of posts, categories, and tags from Hugo site URLs.

Creating a custom domain email address with Cloudflare Email Routing

Create a custom email address with your domain and automatically forward emails to your existing email account with Cloudflare.

How to deploy a Hugo site with Cloudflare Pages

The process of deploying a new Hugo site using Cloudflare Pages.

How to build a static site with Hugo

My complete guide on how to set up and create a static site using Hugo.