Smooth scrolling using only CSS

Learn how to create smooth auto-scroll using one simple CSS property.

How to fix auto-scroll position so the target element is not hidden behind a sticky header (using only CSS)

Learn how to easily fix the issue where the target element is covered behind a sticky header when auto-scrolling using JavaScript or anchor links.

User snippets in Visual Studio Code: A productivity game changer

Become a more efficient programmer by using the user snippets option in Visual Studio Code that lets you quickly insert your most frequently used code snippets.

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Building a design system: Setting breakpoints for responsive design

In this post, we will focus on defining the CSS breakpoints that will be used to create a responsive design.

A must-have CSS property (box sizing)

The importance of the box-sizing CSS property and why you should probably use it.

Creating form fields with animated labels

Today we will create animated labels for form fields using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Detecting filled form fields

Learn how to detect a form field that has been filled out.

Using CSS clamp for a responsive font size (fluid typography)

A simple method to create a responsive font size (also known as “fluid typography”) with just one line of code.

Converting px to rem with Sass

Use a Sass function to type values ​​in px and get the output in rem.

Changing the default selection color with CSS

Learn how to change the text selection color using CSS.