How to run a PHP file on a remote server (SSH) via a Bash script

Learn how to execute a PHP file remotely (using SSH) via a Bash script.

How to automatically scroll to an element on a page

Different ways to automatically scroll to a particular HTML element on a page.

How to scroll to an element only if needed (using JavaScript)

Learn how to automatically scroll to an element on a page only if it’s outside the viewport or hidden behind a sticky header.

Smooth scrolling using only CSS

Learn how to create smooth auto-scroll using one simple CSS property.

How to fix auto-scroll position so the target element is not hidden behind a sticky header (using only CSS)

Learn how to easily fix the issue where the target element is covered behind a sticky header when auto-scrolling using JavaScript or anchor links.

How to run commands on a remote server (SSH) via a Bash script

Learn how to execute (one or more) commands remotely (using SSH) via a Bash script.

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How to calculate estimated reading time with PHP

Create a PHP function that retrieves the estimated reading time in minutes for a provided text. Learn how to implement this on a WordPress site.

Useful JavaScript shortcuts in Visual Studio Code

Use these shortcuts to save time and automatically generate JavaScript code in Visual Studio Code.

How to execute JavaScript code only after the HTML structure (or the whole page) is loaded

Learn how to execute a JavaScript code only after the HTML content is ready or when the entire page has loaded.

User snippets in Visual Studio Code: A productivity game changer

Become a more efficient programmer by using the user snippets option in Visual Studio Code that lets you quickly insert your most frequently used code snippets.

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Building a design system: Setting breakpoints for responsive design

In this post, we will focus on defining the CSS breakpoints that will be used to create a responsive design.

You should use a prefix in your WordPress code

Why WordPress developers should follow this best practice of using a prefix in their code.

Improve site performance with WordPress Transients

Use WordPress built-in Transients tool to quickly improve site performance.

How to get URL parameters with JavaScript

Learn how to check URL parameters using JavaScript.

How to rename WordPress admin menu items

Learn how to customize the labels of menu items in the WordPress admin dashboard.

The ultimate gitignore for WordPress projects

Set the gitignore file to dynamically include only the necessary files of your WordPress project.

WordPress cron jobs

My complete guide on how to automate repetitive tasks with WordPress cron jobs.

JavaScript: Getting the value of a select element (dropdown) on change

Learn how to get the value of the selected option in a dropdown (select element) with JavaScript.

How to update Hugo version

Learn how to easily update the Hugo version of your site.

Handling user input in Bash script

Collect and handle user input in a Bash script.